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Day 5 - First day around Dalat

Andon Sikavica
March 7th, 2020 · 1 min read

Starting the day a bit late, we went into Le Chalet for brunch. It’s a beautiful french/vietnamese restaurant, close to Crazy House.

IMG 4347
IMG 4359
IMG 4351

Tu took us to a resort-y place, north-east of Dalat.

IMG 4363
IMG 4367

We did a short hiking around…

IMG 4372

… but soon enough, we tested our new hammock for the first time. Thank you Marjan for the lovely gift.

IMG 4376
IMG 4379

After we returned to the city, we were were invited (sneaked in) to a birthday party. Happy birthday Rob! The party was in a wonderful place called Cardinal. The meals were very delicious.

IMG 4484

From the Cardinal Tu bought for us a special type of ginger beer. I am not exaggerating, but this is the best drink I’ve had in my life. Just amazing! We ended our evening at the Married Beans, enjoying the best ginger beer.

IMG 4381
IMG 4392

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